Why You Should Trust A Financial Adviser With Your Retirement Planning

18 June 2021
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Retirement is something that everyone looks forward to in theory but some people are actually quite scared of in practice. That is because the idea that your main source of income will be ceasing completely is quite terrifying for some people, even if the idea of no longer working is very appealing. That is why retirement financial planning is so important for people of any age. However, doing this on your own is fraught with risk; here are a few reasons why you should always take the advice of a retirement financial planning advisor.

Financial Planning With No Strategy Is Just Gambling

When it comes to financial planning, most people think of things like investing in stocks, real estate, bonds, and so on. All of those investment opportunities are great, but if you don't have a solid plan around them, then simply buying a stock because it sounds good or investing in any old house when you hear the market is booming is no better than gambling. That is why you need a financial planner who understands what causes these trends and knows the warning signs of when to pull out, as well as the key indicators of an investment that will be solid for years to come.

Simply Saving Money In A Bank Will Not Work Either

If you have seen enough stock crashes and remember the 2008 housing crisis, then you may have a deep distrust of financial investment opportunities. However, the sad truth is that simply leaving your savings in a bank is costing you money. Inflation rises each year, and the bank only pays you a small portion of this. For example, if inflation is 3% each year and the bank pays you 0.5% interest on all your money, then you are slowly but surely losing money over time. Professionals make your money work for you instead of simply letting it waste away.

Choose Your Own Path

There are many ways to go about planning your retirement; what you really need is a guide to explain the pros and cons of each possible choice. That is exactly what financial planners act as. If you want to take on a high-risk high reward portfolio, then that is something they can arrange. On the other hand, long-term, low-risk options routinely pay out more and are less affected by volatile market movements. A retirement financial planner doesn't make all the decisions for you; they give you the tools to help you make an informed decision, which they then execute.