Three Reasons Why You Should Hire An Independent Broker-Dealer Rather Than The Alternatives

5 January 2020
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In the investment world, you can hire an investment broker-dealer who works for a full-service or discount firm, or you can hire an independent broker-dealer. The independent broker-dealer has multiple advantages over the other two types of broker-dealers who work for different firms. Here are three reasons why you should hire the independent broker-dealer over the other two alternatives. 

"Full-Service" Is Lacking

A "full service" broker-dealer firm does not have nearly all of the investment options that an independent agent does. In fact, an independent agent has investment options for investors with large sums of cash, deeper pockets, and bigger risk-taking opportunities. The full-service firm is just for those who can manage the average type of investments and are not looking to invest humongous sums of cash. If you have a lot of money to invest and you really want to invest it in bigger and better things, the independent broker is the right one for you. 

Independent Agents Have Greater Experience

At this stage of the investment game, independent brokers have gained their status because they have the most experience and the most success with the investments they offer clients/customers. They have greater freedom and are able to corral the biggest clients imaginable because such clients want that level of expertise offered. The price tag for an independent broker/dealer is higher, but the investment experience and advice is above par and worth what you pay the broker/dealer. 

Independent Agents Can Offer Extensive Investment Advice

While other broker-dealers can offer some advice, they can only offer it in a limited capacity and under advisement for the firms for which they work. An independent agent can offer all kinds of advice, and can do so without having to clear it with a boss or with a firm's upper management. The advice, of course, is made on a case-per-case basis, and is only offered if a client/customer is seeking advice about various investment opportunities that the independent agent has available. Any investments not offered by the independent agent may be requested or inquired about, and if those investments are sound, the agent may advise and/or inquire about them for the client's/customer's personal information and financial well-being. 

Looking Ahead

For those that come to the investment game late in life, you want to make a lot of money very quickly. Playing it safe is not the answer, any more than buying discount products. You have to go for the really big deals, and the independent broker-dealer is exactly the right person with which to discuss these high yield, short-term goals.