Assessing A Franchise Team’s Value: What Goes Into The Process

19 December 2017
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The purchase of a sports franchise is a complex process, and for a good reason. One of the reasons these transactions have so many layers has to with the fact that there are so many factors that go into determining the value of a franchise; here are some of the most notable elements. Popularity Just how popular a team is will have a great deal of impact on the overall value of the franchise. Read More 

How A Financial Planner Can Help You Build Wealth

16 October 2017
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Like many people, you may have dreams of one day becoming a very wealthy person. Visions of a big house, fast cars and wonderful vacations can spur you on, providing the motivation that you need to work hard. However, contrary to what you may have been told, hard work alone often isn't enough to allow you to obtain the financial status that you desire. You need to know more about just what it takes to amass wealth before it can become a reality for you. Read More 

Still Working Over The Age Of 65? What To Know About Medicare

26 July 2017
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By the time a person reaches the age where they're able to enroll in Medicare, it's often assumed that they are retired. However, this might be the norm, but it is not the rule. Whether you're a business owner or just not ready to leave your job yet, if you're 65, still working and considering Medicare, you probably have several questions; here is some help: Company Size Matters Enrollment in a Medicare supplemental plan is typically required once you reach the age of 65. Read More 

3 Important Things To Understand About Budgets

14 June 2017
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Are you having problems managing your money and feel like you are not saving enough? If so, this might be happening because you either do not have a budget or you do not have a good budget. Here are three important things to know about budgets. Why a budget is necessary When you travel on vacation, would you leave home without a map, hotel reservations, and a plan? Probably not, yet so many people live their lives without a map that helps guide them financially. Read More 

In Your 30s? Three Things You Need To Do Now To Protect Your Future Retirement Income

2 June 2017
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If you are in your 30s, you have not missed the boat on saving for your retirement. In fact, you at the perfect age and place in your career to put into place many of the steps and systems you'll need in order to adequately save for your retirement years. #1 Set Up That 401(k) If you have not taken advantage of any 401(k) plan that your employer offers, now is the time to sign up. Read More