Three Reasons Why You Should Hire An Independent Broker-Dealer Rather Than The Alternatives

5 January 2020
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In the investment world, you can hire an investment broker-dealer who works for a full-service or discount firm, or you can hire an independent broker-dealer. The independent broker-dealer has multiple advantages over the other two types of broker-dealers who work for different firms. Here are three reasons why you should hire the independent broker-dealer over the other two alternatives.  "Full-Service" Is Lacking A "full service" broker-dealer firm does not have nearly all of the investment options that an independent agent does. Read More 

Smart Retirement Planning For People Without Pensions

16 January 2019
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Not everyone is lucky enough to have a job where you have a defined pension. These sorts of jobs, where you have a large guaranteed income upon retirement, are not that common anymore because many companies are now phasing out pensions in favor of 401ks and other investment opportunities. The problem for the individual is that if you don't invest your income properly, and choose the right investments, then you will end up in retirement with only social security. Read More 

What To Do (And Not To Do) If You Win A Billion Dollar Lottery​

30 October 2018
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Lotteries in the United States are getting bigger and bigger. While the first government lottery happened in 1964, it wasn't until 2016 that any jackpot reached over a billion dollars. In fact, millionaire status seems paltry now that lotteries have been regularly surpassing one billion dollars in prize money. Yes, that is billion with a B. While it is fun to spend your time in rush hour daydreaming about how you would spend that money, would you know what to do if you actually won? Read More 

Two Non-Conventional Ways To Save For Your Retirement

14 March 2018
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Adequately preparing for retirement is a thought that crosses the minds of many investors, regardless of their ages. If you already have the traditional retirement accounts, such as a 401(k), individual retirement account (IRA), or 403(b), you may wonder what other options are out there to help you prepare for retirement. Here are a couple non-conventional options that you can use to help save for your retirement. Purchase an Annuity Read More 

Assessing A Franchise Team’s Value: What Goes Into The Process

19 December 2017
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The purchase of a sports franchise is a complex process, and for a good reason. One of the reasons these transactions have so many layers has to with the fact that there are so many factors that go into determining the value of a franchise; here are some of the most notable elements. Popularity Just how popular a team is will have a great deal of impact on the overall value of the franchise. Read More